Our procedure


Little chance that you are looking forward to a dental treatment. Perhaps you have had a previous bad experience or you have heard negative stories from others. My patients experience that I am able to remove much of this tension in a personal conversation. In my practice, a consultation therefore precedes every treatment. Apart from removing tension and building up trust, the consultation has of course another function. During the consultation, I make a diagnosis and we talk about the treatment costs. That way, there cannot be any misunderstandings after the treatment, which takes place during the next appointment.


You can visit our practice for regular dentistry as well as root canal treatment (endodontology). You can find more general information about root canal treatment here.


As a standard procedure, you are called for an inspection one year after the treatment. Then we determine if the tooth or molar is completely symptom-free. With an X-ray we check if an additional treatment is necessary.